Unlocking a company’s true point of difference



Last year, RKON, a leading IT managed services provider and Ingram Micro partner, presented Agency Ingram Micro with a challenge: The Chicago-based company was looking to raise its profile and step up its marketing game in a fiercely competitive arena.

Working together, we decided RKON needed a rebrand to more directly communicate its unique differentiation—and the key reason it was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing private companies in 2014: RKON’s elite team of experts in cloud, emerging and advanced technologies, and professional services for the Fortune 2000 had become known for its ability to address particularly complex IT challenges—“the real tough problems” many of their competitors aren’t equipped or willing to take on.

After extensive research, including interviews with RKON’s internal team and customers, we developed a brand strategy based on their most notable attributes—elite, visionary, relentless, challenger and responsive. From there, we created a new visual corporate identity system and strategic messaging platform based on the new tagline we developed for them, “Unlocking complexity.”

A logo that’s on target with the company’s mission

The logo we developed had several inspirations: a target in the crosshairs, an x-ray symbol and a synchronized puzzle, all connoting accuracy and precision. The movement implied in the “o” underscores that RKON sees deeper and further, and targets the 20% of a job that others won’t take on—going beyond what’s on the surface to address the most complicated technical issues for customers. The parts of the “o” create the curved “target-like” RKON brand motif that’s being used for design accents in various digital and print applications. These ingeniously designed graphic elements provide internal associates with visual clues on how to talk about the company and its mission in a short, consistent and compelling way.

RKON logo before rebrand.

New RKON logo after rebrand.









Opening new channels

The comprehensive rebranding campaign included a new website, videos and other digital sales and marketing tools focused on RKON’s proprietary solutions in the areas of cloud computing and SIEM (security information and event management).

To help RKON transition into new markets and expand its customer base, we also developed and implemented a comprehensive content marketing strategy using their new website as the primary platform to position RKON as an IT thought leader and innovator. Whitepapers, webinars and instructional videos were also created to showcase RKON’s expertise in addressing today’s most challenging technology issues.

Achieving new recognition—and results

With its new brand identity and comprehensive marketing program, RKON now has a true point of differentiation in the marketplace and a new energy to spearhead future growth. The result? Customers and the tech industry are taking note. RKON is gaining recognition, not just as a leading managed services provider, but also as visionary IT strategists.

The RKON corporate ID won a major award at the Global ACE Awards, a prestigious B2B creative competition sponsored by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) of New York.
But the most important accolades are those we received from the client. RKON was particularly pleased with the way we were able to simplify their company message—and capture its unique point of difference powerfully and succinctly. “It used to take me 30 minutes to explain what we did,” said RKON CEO and cofounder Jeff Mullarkey. “Now I can do it in under a minute.”

Need a rebrand?

If, like RKON, you don’t feel your brand is truly conveying your point of difference, talk to us at Agency Ingram Micro. Let’s discuss your business challenges and goals and see if a rebranding effort is the right next move.