The Opportunity
Founded in 1998, Chicago-based RKON has become one of the nation’s leading IT managed services providers. They made Inc. Magazine’s 2014 list of the 500 fastest growing private companies, with an elite team of experts in cloud technologies, and professional services for the Fortune 2000 market. The company was looking to rebrand itself to directly capture its unique differentiation—the ability to handle complex IT challenges, “the tough problems” many of their competitors aren’t equipped, or willing, to take on.

The Approach
After extensive research, AIM developed a visual corporate identity system and strategic-messaging platform based on the theme line, “Unlocking complexity.” The new branding effort included a new website, videos and other digital sales and marketing tools focused on RKON’s proprietary solutions in cloud-based computing. To help RKON transition into new markets and expand its customer base, AIM developed and is currently driving a strategic content marketing plan, using RKON.com as the primary platform to position the company as an IT thought leader. Whitepapers, webinars and instructional videos showcase RKON’s expertise in addressing today’s most challenging technology issues.

The Result
With its new brand identity and content marketing program in play, RKON now has a true point of differentiation in the marketplace and a renewed energy to spearhead future growth. And customers and the tech industry are taking note. RKON is gaining recognition not just as a leading managed services provider but also as a visionary IT strategy company.