Lenovo Channel Brand Campaign


The Opportunity
Since its founding in 1984, Lenovo has surged to become a channel leader in the technology and business worlds. Their passion to provide products that help resellers realize their end-customers’ dreams and goals has led to operations and sales all over the world. As Lenovo endeavored to achieve further success, a new brand story needed to be told to their channel partners.

The Approach
AIM worked with Lenovo to develop a campaign that would capture the same spirit shared by users while remaining cohesive with their brand. Through videos, banner ads, and creative media placements, Lenovo looked to engage and inspire resellers in a disarmingly effective way with messages that were grounded in basic truths.

The Result
With this fresh new channel identity, Lenovo’s brand transformation has significantly elevated the company’s status in the channel. Because partners find common ground with Lenovo’s mission, they see their products as the best tools to help their end-customers achieve innovation and their ambitions.