The Opportunity
Sales teams in Ingram Micro’s Buffalo, N.Y. office often burned through valuable time trying to find answers to customers’ HP printing questions. As a result, HP printer and supplies sales were not meeting their potential. Ingram Micro’s HP sales team took action and designated one person to be the go-to guy on the sales floor for all things related to HP printing. That guy? Chuck.

The Approach
For this effort to be successful, it was critical that sales associates take advantage of this expert at their disposal. AIM met with Chuck and determined he had the epic personality to make people cool, just by association. The fact that he was an HP printing expert almost took a backseat. We created t-shirts, posters and desk drops that featured Chuck’s face in one way or another, often replacing pop-culture icons with Chuck.

The Result
Not only did it take very little time for the sales floor to know exactly where to go for HP printing and supplies questions, there was also a sales bump for these and related products. And there was another, unanticipated result: Chuck became a phenomenon. He transformed into a local celebrity whose fans drove the campaign momentum and gave it a life all its own.