Sure, We Have Great Numbers, but We’ll Never Treat You Like 1

Some of Ingram Micro’s numbers are sooo astronomical, it can be difficult to get a sense of their size. We’ve used similes, metaphors and even geography, just to get our heads around them. And they’re always growing. In fact, since this video was released, our warehouse space has gone from 12.8 million square feet—the size of Monaco to 16.2 million—what country is that?

One thing is clear: it’s the people behind the numbers that really make us successful—over 27,000 unique individuals worldwide. These integral roles include accountants, account managers, buyers, creative directors, designers, media buyers, receptionists, salespeople, technical engineers, traffic managers and web developers. Without them, we wouldn’t have $46.6 billion in revenue or sales in 160 countries. Needless to say, without our manufacturers, partners, their clients, and all the people out there who help us help you Realize the Power of Technology, all these great numbers would just be a dream.

Contributed by Dirk Vandeman, Senior Writer, Agency Ingram Micro



Designed For Good

No matter what sort of business you’re in, it’s always a good idea to take a look at how your customers perceive you and how they experience your product or service. Here’s how Doug Dietz, a designer at GE Healthcare, learned this valuable lesson when he observed how child patients reacted to the new MRI scanner he had designed.


So, what can we learn from this? How can we take a step back, look at how our customers experience our brand, and make adjustments that go above and beyond the ordinary?

The most obvious step is to take the time to listen to those who experience your business on a regular basis. No one can tell you what your customers think about your company better than your customers themselves. Ask them why they do business with you. Ask them what they would change about your business if they could. Take time to go through the sales cycle with them and see what areas need improving, what steps need to be eliminated, and how best to provide your customers with the very best experience possible.

The last thing you want is for your competitors to start asking these questions, and making these adjustments, before you do.

Don’t wait. Get a head start on improving the way you do business and take proactive steps to give your customers the experience they dream of.



Post contributed by Keith Giles, copywriter for Agency Ingram Micro.


Creative Fridays

For the last year or so, the team at Agency Ingram Micro has set aside Friday mornings, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., to share creative work we’ve come across during the week – some of it great, some of it not so great – as a way to inspire our own creativity and as an excuse to eat bagels together.

Here’s a few of our most recent discoveries shared during these Creative Friday meetings:


Honda “The OtheR Side” Video

This is an interactive commercial. As you watch, hit the “R” key and you’ll toggle between the good and the bad side of the story. Mega cool.




Chipotle Ad



Man Cans [A Marketing Case Study]



Cat Herders [An Oldie But a Goodie]


Fiber One Chew Treats Commercial


What are your favorites? Share yours in the comments, and who knows we might just feature your suggestions in one of our next Creative Friday meetings.


Contributed by Keith Giles, copywriter, Agency Ingram Micro