The Rise of Emoji Marketing

Millennials…have you heard that term being thrown around daily?

How do we communicate with millennials? They don’t talk like us, they use pictures (emojis) and shortened, 140 character communications to converse.

Their communications look something like this:















I even overheard a conversation the other day where someone mentioned that the “period” as punctuation, is dead.

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This Mistake Is a Whopper



If you can’t learn from your own mistakes, sometimes you can learn from the mistakes of others.

Take Burger King’s “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign, for example. Back in 2009, when the Internet was still emerging from its cocoon and just starting to spread its wings, the fast-food giant got the idea to leverage Facebook to increase sales.

The idea was a good one: Create a viral ad campaign that encouraged Facebook users to sacrifice 10 of their friends to earn a free Whopper. The problem was in the execution.

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What Sets You Apart?



In marketing we always look for something unique that sets the client apart from the crowd. Once we know what that is, we can craft a UVP, or a Unique Value Proposition, which is simply a statement about what makes your business different from the guy down the street.

The purpose is to communicate your distinctive strengths and give your customers a reason to choose your company over competitors with similar offerings.

Essentially, your UVP should answer the question, “Why would customers choose us instead of our competition?”

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Your Job on Social Media: Just Listen

Social media is none of your brand’s business—if you want to use it only to sell products. You have no business using social media to sell, push a message or convert prospective customers through traditional hard-sell marketing tactics.

Social media has given the masses an instant communication vehicle. Consumers visit social media to tell a story, read a story, share an experience or talk about extraordinary products. It’s a selfish move. Consumers like to be in touch all the time with like-minded consumers. (Why do you think Twitter has “lists?”) Consumers like to be entertained. They like the emotion social media creates. It’s drama, it’s amusement and used improperly, it’s dangerous.

Your consumers don’t automatically want to be social with your product. They don’t want to socialize with your analytics tool, or your security solution. They want to share their pains, worries or successes.

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Creating Customer Worthy Webinars


Many think webinars have had their heyday and are now a thing of the past. Plus, most folks attending webinars will be multi-tasking. However, they’re an inexpensive, easy way to target a mass number of customers.

So here are 5 tips to make sure your attendees leave your webinar not saying “I hate webinars”, but “That was really helpful!”

  1. Keep it short

Nobody has time to sit and pay attention to an hour webinar. So when you’re planning your webinar, think KISS–Keep it Super Short. I always recommend a half hour long webinar. If it can be cut down to 15 or 20 minutes, even better.

  1. Record it

Recording a webinar is a great way to create a content-rich showcase of expertise. You can re-use the webinar to post on your website or social media outlets. It can then be used as educational resource when meeting with potential clients.

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How Can a Stuffed Giraffe Teach You About Branding?

Have you heard about Joshie the Giraffe? I never had until I attended an IBM conference in Las Vegas last week, and the keynote speakers at one of the lunch general sessions was Scott Stratten, a social media/marketing guru and the co-author of Unselling.

Stratten spoke to the group on the importance of branding your company properly and the small things that can affect your company’s brand perception.

His example was that of the Ritz-Carlton. He asked what the brand perception was for the Ritz-Carlton. The answers among the audience ranged from “luxury” to “expensive” and “extravagant.” He then proceeded to tell us about Joshie the Giraffe.

A child left his beloved toy, Joshie the Giraffe, at the Ritz-Carlton after a vacation. The family frantically called the Ritz, and then lied to their son that Joshie was on an extended vacation and he would be home soon, while hoping furiously that the hotel staff would find Joshie.

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Make the Most of Your Trade Show Experience

It’s trade show season. Big shows, small shows, industry shows…you name it, there’s a show for it.

Attending trade shows are usually a really large component of your marketing plans, so how do you make sure you maximize your time at the show?

So obviously you have done the required research to find the shows that are work best with your business model. After that, the real game begins.

Approach your upcoming trade show with a solid plan; I recommend a three-step approach.

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What Your Body Language Tells People

What does your body language say? When you hide your hands, it shows a lack of self confidence. Standing in a superhero stance can give you a super boost.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help increase confidence, boost energy and take on any challenge.

body-language-blogTry these body language tips at your next sales presentation. It might give you the extra confidence you need to close the deal.

Tell us how you think body language can make a difference in your business.

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Source: Ted Talks: Fake it ’til you become it: Amy Cuddy’s power poses, visualized

Contributed by Alex Ross, marketing coordinator, Agency Ingram Micro.


Agency Advantages for Small Business

Using an ad agency is not just for large companies–which is a common misconception. People often associate the use of advertising agencies with bank-blowing, enterprise campaigns, but in reality, most advertising agencies are making their money from running small campaigns and placing advertising in local media.

Smart planning can allow smaller companies to turn to an ad agency for assistance without breaking the bank – particularly when the agency focuses on a specific expertise or specialized knowledge. Many smaller businesses don’t always have a dedicated marketing team; in fact, some may only have one marketing person handling all the strategy and efforts and this is the perfect time to pull an ad agency into the mix.

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Twitter, TV and the Big Game

Millions of Americans will settle in the watch the “Big Game” this weekend. This year, the average cost for a :30 television commercial spot is $4.4 million.

Sure, there have been memorable commercials over the years. Who doesn’t tear up with puppies and Clydesdales? Who doesn’t love a good Terry Tate Office Linebacker? And don’t forget the memorable Old Spice commercials.

But how can you, as a business without a massive advertising budget make an impact and take advantage of the game hype?


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