Sure, We Have Great Numbers, but We’ll Never Treat You Like 1

Some of Ingram Micro’s numbers are sooo astronomical, it can be difficult to get a sense of their size. We’ve used similes, metaphors and even geography, just to get our heads around them. And they’re always growing. In fact, since this video was released, our warehouse space has gone from 12.8 million square feet—the size of Monaco to 16.2 million—what country is that?

One thing is clear: it’s the people behind the numbers that really make us successful—over 27,000 unique individuals worldwide. These integral roles include accountants, account managers, buyers, creative directors, designers, media buyers, receptionists, salespeople, technical engineers, traffic managers and web developers. Without them, we wouldn’t have $46.6 billion in revenue or sales in 160 countries. Needless to say, without our manufacturers, partners, their clients, and all the people out there who help us help you Realize the Power of Technology, all these great numbers would just be a dream.

Contributed by Dirk Vandeman, Senior Writer, Agency Ingram Micro



Adventures In Copywriting


As a copywriter for Agency Ingram Micro, I am sometimes asked to explain something for clients that they themselves have no idea how to express in words.

Very recently I faced such a challenge. We were meeting with a solution provider partner over the phone to take input on a sales slick. That wasn’t so unusual as we do this quite often. The expectation was that we would listen to the founder of the company talk about his business, I would ask a few questions, and then my job would be to capture the personality of his business in the tone and messaging of the flyer.

Usually the goal is to find something about the business that sets it apart from its competitors. In this case, once I heard the story of this company I realized that my job wasn’t going to be an easy one.

The founder of the company started telling me about his childhood. He told me about his friend Billy. They met in grade school and quickly became inseparable. After high school graduation, they followed one another to college where they both decided they would one day start an IT company together.

Sadly, that dream never materialized because his friend was killed in a car accident.

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Congratulations: 2016 Experience Vendor Award Winners


Ingram Micro is pleased to announce the winners of its 2016 Experience Vendor Awards for excellence in marketing.

The awards were presented October 7 at Ingram Micro’s new Irvine, Calif., headquarters, during the company’s annual Experience event. Hosted by Agency Ingram Micro, the event highlighted how Ingram Micro is empowering its vendors and channel partners to identify and engage the right customers with the right message at the right time.

In addition to market insights, Experience 2016 focused on how Ingram Micro and its vendors are setting higher standards of excellence in execution across the technology lifecycle.

“Each year we come together to celebrate, share best practices and show our vendor partners what more we can do to be successful together in the coming year,” concludes Jennifer Anaya, vice president, Marketing, Ingram Micro. “With hundreds in attendance, Experience 2016 was a success. Thank you to everyone who joined us and congratulations to all our award winners.”

The 2016 Ingram Micro Experience Vendor Award winners are:

  • AIM Award: Dell
  • Cloud Award: Microsoft
  • Collaboration Award: HP IPG
  • Commercial Systems Award: HP PSG
  • Components Award: Seagate Technology
  • Consumer Award: Casio
  • Data Capture/POS Award: Honeywell
  • Data Center Infrastructure Award: HP EG
  • Data Center Software Award: VMware
  • Document Imaging Award: Lexmark
  • Emerging Vendor Award: APG Cash Drawer
  • Emerging Vendor Award: Nimble
  • Emerging Vendor Award: Tenable Network Security
  • Mobility Award: Otter Products
  • MVP Award: Cisco
  • Networking Award: F5
  • Physical Security Award: Bosch Security Systems
  • Pro AV Award: NEC
  • Sales Engagement Award: Lenovo
  • Security Award: Sophos
  • SMB Award: Dell
  • UCC Award: ShoreTel

More than 20 vendors earned the title of “Vendor of the Year” across several high-profile technology categories including cloud, data center, mobility and security, as well as in key performance indicators, including collaboration, marketing and sales.

This year’s MVP Award was presented to Cisco for its continued efforts to push the envelope with diverse activities in 2015, working across the Ingram Micro organization to find more ways to empower its channel partners.

Congratulations to all our award-winning vendor partners!

Contributed by Keith Giles, copywriter, Agency Ingram Micro


Award-Winning Cover



On Nov. 18, 2015 at the Yale Club in New York City, min will salute the winners in their annual Editorial & Design Awards.

Agency Ingram Micro has been named as a finalist for outstanding magazine cover design in the B2B category for the Spring 2015 edition of the Ingram Micro Advisor Magazine.

The theme for that issue was “Shorten The Sales Cycle”, and our creative team was challenged to design a cover that would communicate that idea in an innovative, thought-provoking way.

The above design was chosen for its simplicity and playfulness, borrowing an element from the classic “Mad Magazine” back cover gags where an image was transformed by folding the page to reveal a hidden message.

We took a slightly different approach by having the folded panels close the gap on the winding path to create an elegant shortcut.

Looking over the other finalists in this year’s award show, it looks like our little magazine is in very good company.

Finalists include:

  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Fortune
  • Marie Claire
  • Reader’s Digest
  • People Magazine
  • The Atlantic

The Editorial & Design Awards showcases excellence in content and design among consumer, business-to-business and specialized information media brands.

Contributed by Keith Giles, copywriter, Agency Ingram Micro.