Sure, We Have Great Numbers, but We’ll Never Treat You Like 1

Some of Ingram Micro’s numbers are sooo astronomical, it can be difficult to get a sense of their size. We’ve used similes, metaphors and even geography, just to get our heads around them. And they’re always growing. In fact, since this video was released, our warehouse space has gone from 12.8 million square feet—the size of Monaco to 16.2 million—what country is that?

One thing is clear: it’s the people behind the numbers that really make us successful—over 27,000 unique individuals worldwide. These integral roles include accountants, account managers, buyers, creative directors, designers, media buyers, receptionists, salespeople, technical engineers, traffic managers and web developers. Without them, we wouldn’t have $46.6 billion in revenue or sales in 160 countries. Needless to say, without our manufacturers, partners, their clients, and all the people out there who help us help you Realize the Power of Technology, all these great numbers would just be a dream.

Contributed by Dirk Vandeman, Senior Writer, Agency Ingram Micro



How Happiness Affects Your Bottom Line


What is the key to happiness?

Most of us think that if we work hard and achieve more success we’ll be happier. Not so. It turns out when you look at the research, we’ve got it all backwards.

A recent study by the University of Rochester confirms this fact. In the study, one of the researchers, Edward Deci, a professor of psychology, concluded that, “even though our culture puts a strong emphasis on attaining wealth and fame, pursuing these goals does not contribute to having a satisfying life.”
In fact, according to the results of this study, being rich, famous, well-respected, or beautiful can actually have the opposite effect. It can actually make you miserable.

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What Your Body Language Tells People

What does your body language say? When you hide your hands, it shows a lack of self confidence. Standing in a superhero stance can give you a super boost.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help increase confidence, boost energy and take on any challenge.

body-language-blogTry these body language tips at your next sales presentation. It might give you the extra confidence you need to close the deal.

Tell us how you think body language can make a difference in your business.

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Source: Ted Talks: Fake it ’til you become it: Amy Cuddy’s power poses, visualized

Contributed by Alex Ross, marketing coordinator, Agency Ingram Micro.


What’s Your Hedgehog?


There’s a power in simplicity. According to Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great”, your hedgehog is the one big thing your business focuses on. Collins tells us not to be the fox, sleek and beautiful, cunning and knowing of many things. Your power is in the simplicity of knowing your business and what you do great. Define what you do great and do it greater than your competition.

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Well, That’s Just Not Natural

Flexibility is something we learn. Nobody wakes up one morning and decides to do a complicated yoga pose and just flows right into it. (Trust me, I know because I’ve been doing yoga for two years now and I still can’t master the “King” of all poses – the headstand). I’m getting there, but it takes time. My point, however, is that I’m trying.

Human beings are intrinsically rigid. We avoid change at all cost. It’s not comfortable. It’s scary. We’re not ready. There are so many reasons to avoid change. However, how many times have you heard this saying?

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