Sure, We Have Great Numbers, but We’ll Never Treat You Like 1

Some of Ingram Micro’s numbers are sooo astronomical, it can be difficult to get a sense of their size. We’ve used similes, metaphors and even geography, just to get our heads around them. And they’re always growing. In fact, since this video was released, our warehouse space has gone from 12.8 million square feet—the size of Monaco to 16.2 million—what country is that?

One thing is clear: it’s the people behind the numbers that really make us successful—over 27,000 unique individuals worldwide. These integral roles include accountants, account managers, buyers, creative directors, designers, media buyers, receptionists, salespeople, technical engineers, traffic managers and web developers. Without them, we wouldn’t have $46.6 billion in revenue or sales in 160 countries. Needless to say, without our manufacturers, partners, their clients, and all the people out there who help us help you Realize the Power of Technology, all these great numbers would just be a dream.

Contributed by Dirk Vandeman, Senior Writer, Agency Ingram Micro



Google Has Ears



This is not a private conversation. If you’ve used Google Chrome’s voice recognition search, or any online sites or apps that use Google Voice or that require you to turn on your microphone, every conversation you’ve had with anyone has probably been captured without your knowledge.


Think this sounds far-fetched?

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Learning From The Mistakes Of Others



I just read a news story online that really resonated with me on a branding level.

Recently, a die hard Kobe Bryant fan bought tickets to a Laker’s game. 18 days later Kobe announced his retirement, turning his Laker’s tickets into tickets for Kobe’s final game of his career. It also sent ticket sales soaring for that final season, from an average of $190 per ticket to over $1,490 per ticket. [A 660% increase in value]

Before he could celebrate his good fortune, something horrific happened. He received an email from the outlet he purchased the tickets from, informing him that the seller of those tickets “made a mistake”. So, his money was fully refunded and his tickets were voided on the spot.

As you can imagine, this guy was upset. So, he contacts customer service and they apologize saying, “there’s nothing we can do”.

Naturally, the guy takes his story to social media, Tweeting to his followers all about the injustice of it all. Eventually, his posts gained enough momentum to go viral, and that’s when the CEO of the company who sold him the tickets jumped on to personally weigh in on the matter. However, instead of apologizing and stepping up to make things right, the CEO only repeated their policy and refused to help him.

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Black Friday Fake-Out

One inventive graphic designer created his own fake Black Friday sale papers and posted them at a local Target store.

The results were hilarious, with specials on “Gifts They’ll Only Use Once” and “Hot Gifts For Centaurs”, among the items marked down for unsuspecting shoppers.




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Thanks For (Not) Shopping



For the last several years now, the Thanksgiving holiday has slowly moved away from the idea of a family sharing great food and watching football together to something that more closely resembles a street fight over who gets the discounted flat screen in the aisles of the local electronics store.

But just when you thought Black Friday might just completely eclipse the traditional Thanksgiving holidays, here comes a dose of sanity.

Several big name retailers have decided that enough is enough and they’ve asked customers to stay home and enjoy time with their families. We’re talking companies like Staples, REI, Costco, Nordstrom, Barnes and Noble and GameStop, to name just a few.

Why the big shift?

It’s not entirely clear. What most of these retailers are communicating is that they want to champion the American family and take the idea of Thanksgiving back to giving thanks for what we have rather than fighting for more of what we don’t have yet.

Of course, it could also be a really great branding opportunity. Rather than compete for sales by opening earlier, staying open longer and paying employees double overtime, maybe these companies see a greater advantage in adopting a more family-friendly brand identity that automatically places their competitors on the other side of the debate?

Keep in mind, most of these companies are also reminding their customers that their websites are open 24/7 and that great deals can be found online. So, even if they are sincerely devoted to the restoration of the American Thanksgiving celebration, they’ve also found a way to leverage the shift towards cyber-shopping at the same time.

So, without any need to camp out in their parking lot or mace their neighbors in the face to enjoy the savings, no doubt millions of customers will take the hint and do their shopping with a mouse and a keyboard this Thanksgiving.

Where do you plan to spend your Thanksgiving this year – in line outside the local retail chain, online shopping for the best deals, or curled up in front of the fireplace with a large piece of pumpkin pie?


Contributed by Keith Giles, copywriter, Agency Ingram Micro