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Here at Agency Ingram Micro, we’re very proud of our creative work. You can see some of our best pieces here. But what you can’t see is the process that goes into turning out these finished projects—at least, not until now. Today we’ll take you on the road and behind the scenes for a shoot we recently did with two solution provider partners— and SNP Technologies—to create videos for Ingram Micro’s Cloud Summit.



Meet the creative team: senior art director Dina McMillin and senior copywriter Jason Williams, both Agency Ingram Micro veterans.





 On the way to’s headquarters in New Albany, Ind.




The Big Four Bridge spans the Ohio River between New Albany and Louisville, Ky.




Hey, is that a roadie? No, it’s videographer Scott Montgomery unpacking his equipment.




Scott and Dina discuss B-roll footage for the video, which explains how uses Ingram Micro’s Cloud Ignite program.




In Hamden, Connecticut, where SNP Technologies is headquartered, Scott prepares project manager Kristen Pethick for her close-up.




Prakash and Sachin Parikh, SNP’s COO and VP, business development, talk about how Ingram Micro’s Cloud Elevate program has benefited their business.




Scott and Jason scope out a potential location for B-roll shooting. Want to see how the videos turned out? Watch them now:

And remember, Agency Ingram Micro can develop and produce not only videos like these, but almost any type of creative project. Contact us today to start getting your message out to the technology channel.  


Award-Winning AIM


Congratulations to Agency Ingram Micro’s Creative Services team on their recent wins in the 2015 Global ACE Awards! Sponsored by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) of New York City, the world’s largest association of B2B-centric marketers, the Global ACE Awards recognize the year’s best B2B creative, from integrated campaigns to mobile, social and experiential marketing. The AIM team’s outstanding work earned the following distinctions:

  • FIRST PLACE – Mac Fusion “Out of Home” Campaign
    Located in a relaxed beachside shopping district, this Apple reseller business needed to attract customers who preferred browsing in their flip-flops rather than navigating the large mall parking lots. Our campaign focused on the small-town feel of their business and the laid-back attitude of their community, to capture a vibe that was uniquely their own.
  • THIRD PLACE – Cisco “Fly Higher” Launch Video
    To launch Cisco’s new “Fly Higher” reseller partner program, we created a video that communicated the value of partnering with people who share a common dream to do more, experience more, and reach beyond the status quo. Starting with a simple paper airplane being thrown by a child, our story unfolds (literally) like a bedtime storybook, taking us on a journey of exploration and discovery, and reminding us that our limitations are only in our mind.

And AIM’s winning ways don’t end there. The creative team also brought home eight bronze awards at the 2015 OC ADDYs, presented in March by the American Advertising Federation’s Orange County chapter. Awarded for exceptional achievement in cinematography, digital advertising, collateral materials, integrated campaigns, B2B web sites and direct marketing, these honors showcase our passion for developing fresh, exciting creative that drives our clients’ success.

To learn more about our work, check out our portfolio.


5 Tips and Tricks for Business-Driven Social Media

Having a social media presence is one thing; having a meaningful social media presence that attracts positive attention to your business is another. We often get questions from our vendors and resellers about how they can effectively drive traffic to their businesses through social media. We have put together 5 quick tips and tricks to help fine-tune any social media-driven platform.

  1. Customize your strategy to ensure that you get seen. It’s easy for a tweet or post to get lost in the mix–standing out is key. Make sure you cultivate a unique brand voice for your social outlets, and include photos and videos where applicable.You should also customize your deployment schedule; find out when your audience is the most active, and arrange for your posts to deploy during those times.
  2. Write more “content-rich” posts. While we know that Twitter isn’t going to allow you more than those sacred 140 characters, most other platforms will! Leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and discussion forums like Quora. The key to longer posts that are “content rich” (using words that have value and drive a call-to-action) is in getting the customer/end user to engage with you. Try posting surveys, polls, or questions to spark interest and get people into a conversation. Dialogue rules results.
  3. Create campaigns with a focused result goal. You will want to have a conversation with key decision makers in the company to determine what your ultimate goal is and then employ tactics that work toward your desired result. To track and manage campaigns, consider creating a unique hashtag for each. And remember, the benefit to social media is that you can have a two-way conversation with your customers. Talk with them, not TO them.
  4. Include a Call-to-Action. If you want to see results, then post with a purpose! Invite your readers to take a specific action within your content. Examples of “call to action” phrases include “click here,” “register,” or “RSVP.”
  5. Be a little “off-beat.” It’s okay to be unique when it comes to social media. Taking calculated risks can help you reap many benefits. Showing off your company’s unique culture, off-beat sense of humor, or pictures of fun company contests (perhaps one in which you are chair racing around office cubicles!) helps to humanize your company as well as your posts. Incorporating some individuality in your social media is a great, fun and free way to build relationships with customers.



To Sell is Human, Part 1: Sales and Marketing in an Information World


This is the second in AIM’s series of posts dedicated to influential business and marketing books. Join the club—read Daniel H. Pink’s To Sell Is Human along with us, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.


You may not realize it, but most people in the workplace today engage in a selling behavior. One in nine consider themselves salespeople by trade, but the other eight also engage in sales, specifically “non-sales selling.” In a global survey, when respondents were asked, “What percentage of your work involves convincing or persuading people to give up something they value for something you have?” a significant group of respondents replied that they spent 70-80% of their time doing so. Author Daniel Pink also calls non-sales selling “moving,” in the sense that many of us are moving others through teaching, persuading, and motivation in our day-to-day jobs.


In our modern age, increasingly accessible technology has enabled customers to research information about potential purchases. Our industry has essentially moved from the motto “customer beware” to “ seller beware.” Taking the low road in sales is harder and riskier, and the high road (involving honesty, directness, and transparency) has become the better long-term and pragmatic solution.


For illustration, Pink discusses how CarMax, America’s largest used car dealership today, is successful. CarMax utilizes the “seller beware” rhetoric and focuses on the direct exchange of information to attract a wide range of customers. Customers roll into CarMax dealerships with printouts of cars and look up information on the CarMax website through their tablets and phones. By enabling free-flowing information, CarMax has more customers than competing mom-and-pop used car dealerships.


So what can we do as businesses and entrepreneurs to grow big? Since 60% of the buying process now takes place prior to a customer’s engagement with a seller, content marketing is an initial and crucial component of building rapport and trust with customers. As we turn into a more transparent society, businesses today must have well-informed and educated marketing and sales teams and deploy useful, strategic information.


Are you in sales? Take the challenge: 

Examine your last workday and map out your duties. What percentage of your work involved convincing or persuading people to give up something they value for something you have? Do your answers show that you are doing sales, or were you unable to identify anything sales-related? Share your answers with us!


Other questions to think about:

  •     What kind of seller are you? Do you use traditional sales techniques? What are your sales techniques?
  •     Which stores do you avoid because of their hard-sell tactics? Are you hesitant to talk to what we consider hard-core salespeople (car sales, insurance sales, etc.)?
  •     Conversely, which stores do you like going to for their resources or relationship-building character?


Reading Schedule:

  •     Part Two: How to Be – March 2015
  •     Part Three: What to Do – April 2015


Want to read along with us? Buy the book on Google Play, iTunes or Amazon. If you’re an Ingram Micro community member or manufacturer partner, you can also catch Pink at the Ingram Micro Spring ONE event in May, where he’ll be featured as a guest speaker.


Four Ways to Extend the Life of a Webinar


After captivating the webinar audience with electrifying content, what happens now? Although the webinar may be over, here are some best practices you can do to increase webinar ROI:


  • Repurpose Your Webinar Content – The webinar doesn’t have to stay in the format of a slideshow. Convert it into whitepapers that can be downloaded off your company website. Consistently post webinar topics on your blog and social media, and provide a link to the webinar recording. Upload clips of your webinar on YouTube, Slideshare, or Vimeo to maximize reach.


  • The Follow-up E-mail – Send follow-up emails within 24 hours of the webinar to registrants and include a link to where they can watch and download slides of your recorded webinar. If you had an incentive drawing during your webinar, you may even include in the message and subject line an announcement of who won to encourage open clicks!


  • Link and Enable Sharing for Your Recorded Webinar – In addition to providing links to the recorded webinar and slideshow, posting webinar transcripts with strong keywords also makes it easier for search engine traffic to come through to your website. Allow registrants to easily share content by adding social media share buttons to the webpage of the webinar content. Strategically embed your webinar content across multiple social media platforms, partner websites, and blogs.


  • Use Your Audience Interaction Tools (Polls, Q&E, Surveys, Social Media) – These should be utilized during the webinar and also AFTER the webinar.  Allow a space on your website for people to comment and discuss. By doing so, you will be able to use audience input for ideas, market research, or even future content creation.


Content Is King


In the era of constant communication, the demand for fresh, professional content is nearly insatiable. It’s not enough just to have a Facebook page or a Twitter feed. You need to have something timely and relevant to communicate, or risk losing your customers’ attention.


If you’re a solution provider, the challenge is that you’re focused on building and selling solutions, with no time to create your own content or sift through mountains of information to find what’s valuable. That’s why AIM is leveraging the power of automation to get you the content you need from the partners you already work with.


Through our new communication platform, you can receive personalized emails with links to solution-focused content that can be used to populate your web site, pushed to your customers through social media, or published in your customer-focused newsletter. You only get content from manufacturers you’ve purchased from in the past, so everything is relevant. And, there’s no need to register or log in to a separate web site—just click the link and the content is ready to grab. You can also email any piece of content directly to your customers with the click of a button, and be notified when they open your message.


If you’re not yet receiving your emails, or if you’re an Ingram Micro manufacturer partner who’s interested in offering content through the platform, contact Joshua Crabbe to sign up.


AIM is reading: To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink


The Agency Ingram Micro blog is hosting book club posts dedicated to a series of influential marketing/business books. Read and discuss with AIM–comment on this post for continuing discussion or for book recommendations!


1 in 9 workers in the United States declare themselves to be salespeople by trade. But according to Daniel Pink, the other 8 in 9 workers are also in sales. In his book To Sell is Human, Pink offers a fundamental re-thinking of sales and selling. Everyone is selling; whether or not he or she realizes it. Modern-day business has transcended sales due to the rise of entrepreneurship, elastic job skills, and education and healthcare sectors. We not only sell products, but also resources, ideas, and calls to action. Successful selling (or “moving” as Pink calls it) today must involve honesty, fairness, and transparency.


The book is a synthesis of Pink’s modern definition of sales, the ABCs of important qualities essential for selling today, and best practices and techniques.


Reading Schedule:

  • Part One: Rebirth of a Salesman – February 2015
  • Part Two: How to Be – March 2015
  • Part Three: What to Do – April 2015


Want to read along with us? Buy the book on Google Play, iTunes or Amazon. If you’re an Ingram Micro community member or manufacturer partner, you can also catch Pink at the Ingram Micro Spring ONE event in May, where he’ll be featured as a guest speaker.


Your Must-Have Apps for the Holidays


As Andy Williams once sang, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But between shopping, holiday parties, and hosting family meals, it can also be the most stressful. This year, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle—treat yourself to one of these life-simplifying apps, available via the App Store and Google Play, and keep your season merry and bright.

Read More

Experience 2015

Every autumn, we invite our manufacturer partners to attend Ingram Micro Experience. Held near our company headquarters in Orange County, Calif., it’s a marketing-focused event designed to help them communicate more effectively with solution providers in the upcoming year, so they can deliver the right information, training and support at the right time.


At Experience 2015 on Oct. 23, attendees learned why it’s critical to put their customers first—and how Agency Ingram Micro can help—in breakout sessions and presentations from Ingram Micro’s marketing leadership team, North America Technology Solutions president Paul Bay, and Alan McDonald of solution provider AllConnected.


The general session also featured a panel discussion with Ingram Micro division leaders, prompting one attendee to comment, “I thought the interviewer was fantastic for the one-on-one discussions. Each area VP focused on opportunities they were seeing and how companies could align with them if there was interest.”


Check out some of our favorite moments from Experience in our photo gallery. And please join us in congratulating the winners of our annual manufacturer awards, which were presented at the event:


MVP Award

Data Center Infrastructure Award

Document Imaging Award

Commercial Systems Award

Agency Ingram Micro Award

ProAV/Digital Signage Award

Software Award

Cloud Award

Peripherals Award

Physical Security Award

Data Center Software Award

Networking Award
Juniper Networks

Data Capture/POS Award
Zebra Technologies

Security Award

Components Award

Channel Engagement Award

Emerging Vendor Award
Aruba Networks

Collaboration Award

Consumer Electronics Award





Welcome to the New Agency Ingram Micro Blog

AIM’s mission is to make it easier for our clients to sell IT solutions, and that’s what we strive toward every day—with integrated, results-driven campaigns powered by proven business intelligence data, as well as award-winning creative to rival the industry’s best.

For a while now, we’ve been thinking about the best way to share some of our clients’ greatest triumphs with you, as well as to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of who we are and how we work.

That’s why we’ve created this space where you’ll not only see examples of recent successes, but also learn about new opportunities and upcoming events, and find out how we partner with other experts within Ingram Micro to make your marketing the best it can possibly be.

This is also where you’ll meet some of the smart, passionate and dedicated professionals who make up AIM itself, and get their insider tips on everything from favorite mobile apps to what’s hot in social media, as well as the scoop on marketing options you may not have realized were available.

We’re excited about this opportunity to have you know us better, and to get to know you even better too. Be sure to register for email alerts so you don’t miss a single update!


Confused by Branding? Here Are Some Tips

It’s common for businesses of all sizes and types to struggle with their brand. Some go the easy route (“download your free logo here”) and have regrets, while others invest in a well-considered professional branding package but never fully understand what needs to happen long term. At Agency Ingram Micro, we not only work with our company’s own global brand, which recently underwent a major renovation, but we also advise solution providers interested in discovering and enhancing their brands. We sit down to talk with those business owners to uncover what their story is—what truly makes their business different and defines their success. Then we work with them to translate that into a language and visuals. The goals are simple: We want to develop a brand that: Read more >>

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