Make the Most of Your Trade Show Experience

It’s trade show season. Big shows, small shows, industry shows…you name it, there’s a show for it.

Attending trade shows are usually a really large component of your marketing plans, so how do you make sure you maximize your time at the show?

So obviously you have done the required research to find the shows that are work best with your business model. After that, the real game begins.

Approach your upcoming trade show with a solid plan; I recommend a three-step approach.

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How Happiness Affects Your Bottom Line


What is the key to happiness?

Most of us think that if we work hard and achieve more success we’ll be happier. Not so. It turns out when you look at the research, we’ve got it all backwards.

A recent study by the University of Rochester confirms this fact. In the study, one of the researchers, Edward Deci, a professor of psychology, concluded that, “even though our culture puts a strong emphasis on attaining wealth and fame, pursuing these goals does not contribute to having a satisfying life.”
In fact, according to the results of this study, being rich, famous, well-respected, or beautiful can actually have the opposite effect. It can actually make you miserable.

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What Your Body Language Tells People

What does your body language say? When you hide your hands, it shows a lack of self confidence. Standing in a superhero stance can give you a super boost.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help increase confidence, boost energy and take on any challenge.

body-language-blogTry these body language tips at your next sales presentation. It might give you the extra confidence you need to close the deal.

Tell us how you think body language can make a difference in your business.

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Source: Ted Talks: Fake it ’til you become it: Amy Cuddy’s power poses, visualized

Contributed by Alex Ross, marketing coordinator, Agency Ingram Micro.


5 Tips For Improving Your Email Marketing



What’s the most effective tool for marketing? Believe it or not, it’s email.  And while that hasn’t changed for the last decade or so, what has changed is that today most email is viewed on a mobile device, not a desktop computer. Failure to adapt to this technology shift could reduce the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

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Agency Advantages for Small Business

Using an ad agency is not just for large companies–which is a common misconception. People often associate the use of advertising agencies with bank-blowing, enterprise campaigns, but in reality, most advertising agencies are making their money from running small campaigns and placing advertising in local media.

Smart planning can allow smaller companies to turn to an ad agency for assistance without breaking the bank – particularly when the agency focuses on a specific expertise or specialized knowledge. Many smaller businesses don’t always have a dedicated marketing team; in fact, some may only have one marketing person handling all the strategy and efforts and this is the perfect time to pull an ad agency into the mix.

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Negative Word-Of-Mouth Advertising



We all know what it feels like to receive bad customer service, and we’ve all vented our frustrations by talking about it with friends and family.

Think of your worst customer-service experience. Now, think of how many times you’ve told—and retold—that horrific story. How many people do you think you’ve talked to about that bad service experience over the years?

That’s called “Negative Word-Of-Mouth Advertising” and once it starts, it’s impossible to stop.

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Twitter, TV and the Big Game

Millions of Americans will settle in the watch the “Big Game” this weekend. This year, the average cost for a :30 television commercial spot is $4.4 million.

Sure, there have been memorable commercials over the years. Who doesn’t tear up with puppies and Clydesdales? Who doesn’t love a good Terry Tate Office Linebacker? And don’t forget the memorable Old Spice commercials.

But how can you, as a business without a massive advertising budget make an impact and take advantage of the game hype?


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7 Ways To Score More Retweets


I’ve said it before, Twitter is a game. The goal is to get more followers. The way you get more followers is to tweet things that your followers like enough to retweet. When they retweet something you’ve tweeted, you reach more potential followers. When those people follow you, you win.


So, how can you get more retweets – and therefore more potential followers?


Here are the best ways to increase your chances of getting retweeted:

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Google Has Ears



This is not a private conversation. If you’ve used Google Chrome’s voice recognition search, or any online sites or apps that use Google Voice or that require you to turn on your microphone, every conversation you’ve had with anyone has probably been captured without your knowledge.


Think this sounds far-fetched?

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Nine Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts



1) Use Shorter Titles

Marketing Sherpa found that shorter URLS are more likely to generate clicks than longer ones, up to two-and-a-half times) more often.

2) Include Key Word in URL

Over 150 SEO experts agree that having your keyword in your URL is one of the top 5 factors in page rank performance.

3) Use Odd-Numbered Headlines

Believe it or not, headlines with odd numbers generate 20% more clicks than even numbered.

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Learning From The Mistakes Of Others



I just read a news story online that really resonated with me on a branding level.

Recently, a die hard Kobe Bryant fan bought tickets to a Laker’s game. 18 days later Kobe announced his retirement, turning his Laker’s tickets into tickets for Kobe’s final game of his career. It also sent ticket sales soaring for that final season, from an average of $190 per ticket to over $1,490 per ticket. [A 660% increase in value]

Before he could celebrate his good fortune, something horrific happened. He received an email from the outlet he purchased the tickets from, informing him that the seller of those tickets “made a mistake”. So, his money was fully refunded and his tickets were voided on the spot.

As you can imagine, this guy was upset. So, he contacts customer service and they apologize saying, “there’s nothing we can do”.

Naturally, the guy takes his story to social media, Tweeting to his followers all about the injustice of it all. Eventually, his posts gained enough momentum to go viral, and that’s when the CEO of the company who sold him the tickets jumped on to personally weigh in on the matter. However, instead of apologizing and stepping up to make things right, the CEO only repeated their policy and refused to help him.

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