If Digital Marketing Had a Superpower, What Would It Be?

What’s small but mighty? No, it’s not Ant-Man, Mighty Mouse or a dwarf from The Hobbit. I’m talking about something so powerful that it can make or break a website, email or app.

It’s microcopy—the small pieces of text on your website that guide a visitor’s experience. It’s more than just mouse type. This copy encourages customers to take action.

We’ve all read it but maybe didn’t realize the power that it had over us. It’s the copy that asks us to sign up for contests, rewards programs and travel deals. But it’s also the tiny copy that helps us unsubscribe from email lists, create passwords and brand 404 error pages.

I like to call it the secret weapon for digital marketers. If you use it right, customers can be putty in your hands.

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A Four-Step Rebranding Process for Channel Partners

The fast-moving IT market could leave your channel partner brand out of date. Here are four tips to update your image.

In a market where nothing stays the same, it might be time to consider the rebranding process.

If you are like most IT solutions providers, your business looks a lot different than it did just five years ago. You may be offering new services or delivering them differently as managed or cloud offerings. You may be targeting a different set of customers or specializing in a new vertical market. You may have acquired another company or your overall value proposition may have changed.

But what about your brand identity? Has your brand changed to reflect your business as it is today?



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What Sets You Apart?



In marketing we always look for something unique that sets the client apart from the crowd. Once we know what that is, we can craft a UVP, or a Unique Value Proposition, which is simply a statement about what makes your business different from the guy down the street.

The purpose is to communicate your distinctive strengths and give your customers a reason to choose your company over competitors with similar offerings.

Essentially, your UVP should answer the question, “Why would customers choose us instead of our competition?”

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Sure, We Have Great Numbers, but We’ll Never Treat You Like 1

Some of Ingram Micro’s numbers are sooo astronomical, it can be difficult to get a sense of their size. We’ve used similes, metaphors and even geography, just to get our heads around them. And they’re always growing. In fact, since this video was released, our warehouse space has gone from 12.8 million square feet—the size of Monaco to 16.2 million—what country is that?

One thing is clear: it’s the people behind the numbers that really make us successful—over 27,000 unique individuals worldwide. These integral roles include accountants, account managers, buyers, creative directors, designers, media buyers, receptionists, salespeople, technical engineers, traffic managers and web developers. Without them, we wouldn’t have $46.6 billion in revenue or sales in 160 countries. Needless to say, without our manufacturers, partners, their clients, and all the people out there who help us help you Realize the Power of Technology, all these great numbers would just be a dream.

Contributed by Dirk Vandeman, Senior Writer, Agency Ingram Micro



Four Irrefutable Laws of Social Media Marketing



We get it. This whole social media thing is confusing. How do you know you’re doing it right? What if you’re just wasting your time when you could be focusing on traditional marketing efforts?


Here’s a short list of things to keep in mind whenever you market your business on social media platforms :


1) People crave content – Your followers on social media are bored. So bored. Their brains crave images, information, videos, ebooks, insights and other interesting content. Your job is to give it to them, as consistently as possible.

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Betty Crocker: Master of Deception



Betty Crocker was born in 1921. From her earliest days she was the voice of Gold Medal brand flour and she wrote letters to their customers – mostly homemakers – who were hungry for baking advice which she was all-too happy to provide them with.

Eventually Betty Crocker wrote recipe books which were published by General Mills, of course. Her name soon became synonymous with wholesome American sweets.

Over the years, Betty Crocker hasn’t changed very much at all. In fact, she hasn’t aged a day.

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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog.



Blogging. You either love it or you hate it. Chances are if you hate blogging it’s because you’re not sure how to do it very well.


Here are 5 great ways to improve the quality of your corporate blog posts and maybe even learn to love blogging in the process:


1 – Hit Your Target.


Figure out who your real customers are and write your blog posts to them directly. What do they care about? What keeps them up at night? Address their deepest concerns in your blog posts and you’ll develop a following. Ignore their needs and you’ll reach someone, but you’ll miss the audience that really matters to your business.

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Your Job on Social Media: Just Listen

Social media is none of your brand’s business—if you want to use it only to sell products. You have no business using social media to sell, push a message or convert prospective customers through traditional hard-sell marketing tactics.

Social media has given the masses an instant communication vehicle. Consumers visit social media to tell a story, read a story, share an experience or talk about extraordinary products. It’s a selfish move. Consumers like to be in touch all the time with like-minded consumers. (Why do you think Twitter has “lists?”) Consumers like to be entertained. They like the emotion social media creates. It’s drama, it’s amusement and used improperly, it’s dangerous.

Your consumers don’t automatically want to be social with your product. They don’t want to socialize with your analytics tool, or your security solution. They want to share their pains, worries or successes.

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Creating Customer Worthy Webinars


Many think webinars have had their heyday and are now a thing of the past. Plus, most folks attending webinars will be multi-tasking. However, they’re an inexpensive, easy way to target a mass number of customers.

So here are 5 tips to make sure your attendees leave your webinar not saying “I hate webinars”, but “That was really helpful!”

  1. Keep it short

Nobody has time to sit and pay attention to an hour webinar. So when you’re planning your webinar, think KISS–Keep it Super Short. I always recommend a half hour long webinar. If it can be cut down to 15 or 20 minutes, even better.

  1. Record it

Recording a webinar is a great way to create a content-rich showcase of expertise. You can re-use the webinar to post on your website or social media outlets. It can then be used as educational resource when meeting with potential clients.

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Adventures In Copywriting


As a copywriter for Agency Ingram Micro, I am sometimes asked to explain something for clients that they themselves have no idea how to express in words.

Very recently I faced such a challenge. We were meeting with a solution provider partner over the phone to take input on a sales slick. That wasn’t so unusual as we do this quite often. The expectation was that we would listen to the founder of the company talk about his business, I would ask a few questions, and then my job would be to capture the personality of his business in the tone and messaging of the flyer.

Usually the goal is to find something about the business that sets it apart from its competitors. In this case, once I heard the story of this company I realized that my job wasn’t going to be an easy one.

The founder of the company started telling me about his childhood. He told me about his friend Billy. They met in grade school and quickly became inseparable. After high school graduation, they followed one another to college where they both decided they would one day start an IT company together.

Sadly, that dream never materialized because his friend was killed in a car accident.

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Parody Twitter Accounts We Love


Twitter is perfect. Unlike other social media platforms, very few interactions involve attacks on your character or questions about your sanity. Instead you get to follow the people and the brands that you love and everything is always short, sweet and to the point. It’s refreshing.

But one of the most enjoyable things about Twitter are parody accounts. These are quite often some of the most entertaining and interesting examples of why the Internet needs to exist [other than Grumpy Cat, of course].

Parody accounts take many forms. Some are glorious mash-ups of historical or fictitious characters that defy reason, like @VeryLonelyLuke, a Twitter feed from Luke Skywalker who is all alone on that island at the end of “The Force Awakens” which provides gems like:

“I didn’t actually abandon R2-D2

I invited him to come with me

He looked me in the eye & said, “Boop beep beep boop.”

That one still stings”

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How Can a Stuffed Giraffe Teach You About Branding?

Have you heard about Joshie the Giraffe? I never had until I attended an IBM conference in Las Vegas last week, and the keynote speakers at one of the lunch general sessions was Scott Stratten, a social media/marketing guru and the co-author of Unselling.

Stratten spoke to the group on the importance of branding your company properly and the small things that can affect your company’s brand perception.

His example was that of the Ritz-Carlton. He asked what the brand perception was for the Ritz-Carlton. The answers among the audience ranged from “luxury” to “expensive” and “extravagant.” He then proceeded to tell us about Joshie the Giraffe.

A child left his beloved toy, Joshie the Giraffe, at the Ritz-Carlton after a vacation. The family frantically called the Ritz, and then lied to their son that Joshie was on an extended vacation and he would be home soon, while hoping furiously that the hotel staff would find Joshie.

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