8 steps to social success

A beginner’s guide to effective social media campaigns

You’re not a social media neophyte. You’re on Facebook every day, and you know how to hashtag on Twitter and apply filters to your Instagram and Snapchat photos. But there’s a difference between being a casual consumer of social media and using it to run a strategic marketing campaign for your business. Here are a few tips to help you make that leap.

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Welcome to a new year with the Agency Ingram Micro blog


Jennifer Anaya, vice president, marketing, Ingram Micro North America

Our mission at Agency Ingram Micro is to make it easy for you to market your business and services and shorten the sales cycle. We recognize that keeping up with the latest marketing and digital marketing trends can be challenging. And, let’s face it, the way technology business decisions are being made is lengthening the sales process.  Now, there’s an ever-increasing need to target the right sales content to the right business decision-maker and technology leader and we’re here to help.

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The Rise of Emoji Marketing

Millennials…have you heard that term being thrown around daily?

How do we communicate with millennials? They don’t talk like us, they use pictures (emojis) and shortened, 140 character communications to converse.

Their communications look something like this:















I even overheard a conversation the other day where someone mentioned that the “period” as punctuation, is dead.

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Hi. I Have Pink Hair.


Every time I get my hair done, my hairdresser asks me if people in the professional world ever take me less seriously because I have pink highlights in my hair.

My answer to her is that pink hair doesn’t make me less knowledgeable in my trade. It just gives people in direct contact with me a small slice of my personality and I like to have fun. Pink hair is fun. (I think). I’m fun. (I think).

My pink hair facilitates conversations. As an Agency Ingram Micro (AIM), marketing account manager, I can’t tell you the number of times I have set up a meeting at a trade show and said, “You’ll know me because I’m the girl with the pink hair.” And they find me, with a smile on their faces.

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This Mistake Is a Whopper



If you can’t learn from your own mistakes, sometimes you can learn from the mistakes of others.

Take Burger King’s “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign, for example. Back in 2009, when the Internet was still emerging from its cocoon and just starting to spread its wings, the fast-food giant got the idea to leverage Facebook to increase sales.

The idea was a good one: Create a viral ad campaign that encouraged Facebook users to sacrifice 10 of their friends to earn a free Whopper. The problem was in the execution.

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What Is Content Marketing? (And Why Should You Care?)




Essentially, content marketing is about providing relevant content to your potential customers and leading them through the sales process.

You can use content marketing to develop strategic resources that your customers will find valuable and then show where to find them. It’s also about what happens once they download or access those resources.

Typically, a standard marketing message is very simple and direct: “Watch this video and then buy our product” for example. Or perhaps, “Read this ad and call us today.”

Content marketing takes that simple formula and expands it outward into a larger network of interconnected pieces that are all designed to engage the customer on multiple levels and for a longer time time.

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Little Moments: A Day in the Life of a Microcopy Writer

For microcopy writers, every day is filled with editorial adventures and creative satisfaction. They never know what digital writing assignments may cross their desks.

Svetlana, an internationally known microcopy copywriter, starts her morning with a mini tablet and espresso in hand. Her first assignment is to tackle call-to-action button copy. Writing short but influential content is no easy task. She must get users to click those buttons so the sales cycle can continue.


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If Digital Marketing Had a Superpower, What Would It Be?

What’s small but mighty? No, it’s not Ant-Man, Mighty Mouse or a dwarf from The Hobbit. I’m talking about something so powerful that it can make or break a website, email or app.

It’s microcopy—the small pieces of text on your website that guide a visitor’s experience. It’s more than just mouse type. This copy encourages customers to take action.

We’ve all read it but maybe didn’t realize the power that it had over us. It’s the copy that asks us to sign up for contests, rewards programs and travel deals. But it’s also the tiny copy that helps us unsubscribe from email lists, create passwords and brand 404 error pages.

I like to call it the secret weapon for digital marketers. If you use it right, customers can be putty in your hands.

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A Four-Step Rebranding Process for Channel Partners

The fast-moving IT market could leave your channel partner brand out of date. Here are four tips to update your image.

In a market where nothing stays the same, it might be time to consider the rebranding process.

If you are like most IT solutions providers, your business looks a lot different than it did just five years ago. You may be offering new services or delivering them differently as managed or cloud offerings. You may be targeting a different set of customers or specializing in a new vertical market. You may have acquired another company or your overall value proposition may have changed.

But what about your brand identity? Has your brand changed to reflect your business as it is today?



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What Sets You Apart?



In marketing we always look for something unique that sets the client apart from the crowd. Once we know what that is, we can craft a UVP, or a Unique Value Proposition, which is simply a statement about what makes your business different from the guy down the street.

The purpose is to communicate your distinctive strengths and give your customers a reason to choose your company over competitors with similar offerings.

Essentially, your UVP should answer the question, “Why would customers choose us instead of our competition?”

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