The Opportunity 
Western Digital was rolling out an unprecedented number of new digital storage products on a fixed schedule. Of these, the WD Red line of NAS drives required more sales support and training collateral than did the other products in the rollout. Western Digital’s in-house marketing team was already running beyond capacity, straining their resources and threatening to compromise their high production standards.

The Approach
Because AIM lives in the technology world, we were the ideal partner for Western Digital. Our marketing and creative professionals didn’t need to get up to speed with the product category or learn the language of the target market. AIM was able to seamlessly mesh with Western Digital’s marketing team and get right to work.

The Result
The WD Red product launch went off as scheduled, with marketing and creative support that enabled a successful rollout. Western Digital’s internal marketing team was able to focus on other concurrent product launches, while enjoying the confidence knowing the WD Red line’s collateral would live up to their high standards.