Make events part of your sales strategy

Sure, digital content can be an effective way to get your company’s sales message across. But it only goes so far in solidifying customer relationships. For that, you need to support it with brand experiences—the opportunity for your customers to personally engage with your company.

Brand experience is a hot topic in marketing today. Consumers are looking for more than just a product or service to purchase. They’re looking for meaningful experiences that validate and make them feel good about their brand preferences. Even more than that, they want to feel part of a community of brand loyalists.

Successful events can go a long way toward strengthening your company’s relationships with customers. Here’s why:

  • Events are one of the few ways for your customers to meet with peers and “share” the brand experience collectively.
  • They help build a community of brand enthusiasts.
  • They allow your customers to meet and engage with real people in your company, so they can connect with you on a human level, not just a transactional one.
  • They provide opportunities for attendees to build and sustain a professional network.

So what’s the key to a successful event?

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when planning and implementing an event.

  • Limit the scope of the topic. Don’t try to cover too much or go too broad. Plan events within events that focus on narrower subject matter and a more specific audience.
  • Use social media as a marketing tool before, during and after the event. Social media is a great way to extend the life of the event, stay top of mind with attendees and strengthen your community of customers.
  • Plan games or other hands-on activities to “break the ice” and keep things interesting. Lectures and speeches are fine, as long as you provide other, more immersive experiences that allow for active participation.
  • Allow attendees to customize their event experiences. Provide a menu of options so they can pick and choose what’s most meaningful and enjoyable for them.
  • Facilitate connections. Plan team-building group activities that allow the attendees to interact with other attendees so they feel part of a “brand community.”
  • Inspire your audience and demonstrate thought leadership. For a keynote address, find a passionate spokesperson within your or an affiliate organization—someone who can speak about the theme of the event with authority and commitment.
  • Speak from the audience’s (your customers’) point of view, not just your company’s. Make the event experiences relevant to them and their needs.
  • Above all, make the event fun. You want the event to be an enjoyable experience that attendees feel is well worth their time.

Need help planning an event?

Let Ingram Micro’s Direct Agency team be your event strategist and planner. Agency Ingram Micro does about 1,800 events annually, from business dinners to educational meetings/conferences to experiential incentives. We have the expertise and resources to help ensure it’s a truly memorable one—a fun, impactful and truly immersive experience that promotes your business and builds customer loyalty.


To learn more, contact Ali LeBlanc or Wendy Sanacore.